I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Periods missing and fun Finger(nail) food

Why hellooooo there! So this week no letters from Elder MIller, Fisher, or Clawson! Ah! haha, i miss those Elders; When we get back from the missions there are going to be some good times to be had! Anyways, first and foremost, the problem with this week's keyboard: the 'period' key--it works only if slammed upon and I won't be doing that so ;=. Got it? Sweet, here I go! So this week has been another eventful week, I've learned a lot; You asked if it is getting cold, and well it kinda is and it kinda isn't; It hasn't got to that time of the year where it starts heading towards winter temperatures so right now it just depends on clouds, rain, and the likes; Today its pretty cool outside because yesterday it was real windy and cloudy and rained; The wind is one of the biggest elements--It can be nice out, like 70 F* but then the wind will be real cold and just cut ya! I guess that's cuz it's coming from SIberia or somethin like that; Anyways, I've got my sweater and it sounds like it's a good buy too! I'll be getting the other things probably next Preparation day; Alright, so onto other news: This week we had another baptism! It was terrific; Her name is Enkhtoya and her husband baptised her; It was really great because now their family is united in the Gospel and maybe they'll be able to save up to go to Hong Kong to be sealed-that would be awesome; They have two really cute kids, one boy and one girl, they're always smiling! Oh, so today I had a neat little experience in one of the little restaurants we frequent--I found a fingernail in my food! Haha, it was very unexpected, I guess I forgot where I was eating but I was like, what the heck! Anyways, the good side of the story is that I had eaten pretty much most of the meal before I found the fingernail so my image of the food wasn't tainted till it really didn't matter anymore; We also got the item for free so I saved two dollars! And, I didn't get sick, which I was very grateful for! You remember how I said my District Leader gave me a Priesthood Blessing when I was relaly sick 5 weeks back? Haven't gotten sick since! That is a testimony of the power of Priesthood; About the package, haven't got it yet! But I'm very anxiously waiting for it, hopefully it'll come before next week; In the next package I'll probably need more of the razors heads that I use; It's the one's that are Orange and Blue, I totally forgot the name right now; and the brand; yea, blank; but anyways, the features are 3 razors in the front, 1 in the back; there are two types of the replacement heads to my knowledge, the regular ones and the "power" ones; I usually just get the regular ones and I don't know if the other ones will fit with mine anyways; That's awesome that Elder Burgoyne is headed out to the MTC! He's gonna go so well, he's just so principled that he's just going to continuing to grow in power and knowledge; That's also sad to hear about the passing of Brother Fenn; I can't recall him specifically though unfortunately, i wish I could; As for letters from friends,,,not getting any, but then again it does take forever for things to get to Mongolia, if they get here; It's ok, as long as my family continues to write me, I should be alright! Wow, BYU STOMPED UCLA! That's crazy; Is BYU really good or is UCLA just finished? That's unreal! Ok, so about our work; This week has been very interesting week; Starting on wednesday I'll have a new companion; His name is Elder Alexander and he's American; Things with this companion have kinda gone south; Our work started out very well and as a result we blessed a few people's life by bringing them into the Gospel but gradually things just started dying out and problems arose; It wasn't solely either of our faults, I was overzealous and he had his own problems; He ended up going in to talk to the Mission President and he helped him stay in the mission; I'm so thankful for that! My companion is an amazing teacher and an amazing missionary so I was glad that he didn't leave; Still, things are strained some times, he gets angry very easy and it can be at pretty much anything; From all this I've learned a lot though; One of the things that I was not very learned about beforehand was the role of a Junior companion as opposed to a Senior companion and how some take that to be; My misunderstanding of that led to a problems; Anyways, after my companion met with the mission president, I asked if I could meet with him and just get a blessing from him (It was something the District Leader has suggested to help me becuase it was really not a happy time after being continually chewed out); I'm so glad I followed my District Leader's advise in that matter; It helped so much; I don't want to go into what he said because it's very dear to me but I know this much, that it was the President's voice I heard, but it was the Lord's words and the Holy Spirit was there confirming every bit of it; I left that office with a renewed sense of confidence and a better understanding of what my role was in this mission; I'm excited, it's a great mission to be apart of and there are many things to be done here; So, I don't really have much more time to write, but keep writing me! I love you all and this work is true! Nothing else could make me happier right now! ~Elder Cappuccio Dear James, It's good to hear from you again and especially like to hear about the people who you teach and their stories. So, I guess it must be getting cold there soon if you bought a jacket. I think a jacket like that would cost about $150 here. What else are you going to buy for the winter? Would you like some Hot Cocoa mix for Christmas. I sent some with the last package. Did you get that package yet? I love the pictures you sent of the cute kids(and the cute Elder too). I will post them on the blog too! Yes, it does get a bit quiet around here with just Cali and Joseph....and Hopper. We all talked to Amy yesterday, she is liking BYU and her classes. She is in the activities committee in her BYU ward and she also taught Sunday school today, because she was talking to the Sunday School President at a ward party on Friday and offered to sub if they ever needed someone and he said by the way we need someone this Sunday, so she was like ok, sure. She tried out for the Swing Team, but made it as a back-up right now. On the lines of BYU, the football team creamed UCLA 59-0 at BYU! Today was Ryan Burgoyne's' farewell talk. He gave a great talk and will be a great missionary. Brother Fenn in our ward passed away this week. I don't know if you knew him, but I went to the funeral, it was nice. Brother Haught gave a great talk on the Plan of Salvation. Everyone says "hi" and=2 0always asks how you are doing. Are you getting any letters from your friends? Do you need any addresses to write to anyone? I know you don't have much time to write, but we love to hear from you, because your letters are very inspiring. I look forward to hearing from you and get up early on Monday so I can read your email before work. We love you. Keep the fire burning! Love Always, Mom

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mustyash said...

hello this is Ryan Gray, one of James' friends from BYU in his ward. Can you do me a favor? Can you let him know i got my Mission call to Leon, Mexico and i leave October 8th. Let him also know that i have been thinking about him a lot and hope all is well.

I am so glad you kept this blog for others to read. Such a CRAZY MISSION. I hope he will continue to do great, James is one awesome guy!

Thank You

-Ryan Gray