I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Power of Prayer and digging toilets...Deep stuff

**special note here- I(mom) wrote him Sunday evening, but it's already Monday morning so he might have just missed my email.....so here's his letter and my email he didn't get is posted below his as I usually do:

Allllright, well although you didn't write me for this week, that's ok, i'll still write you! I made sure to write down a bunch of stuff to write about for this last week so hopefully this e-mail will be interesting.

So this last Saturday and Sunday we watched conference. It was fantastic! I loved every moment of it. Every talk just had something to gain from it and the SPirit was ever present. The Prophet's counsel to us in his closing remarks was so true. We need to make the most of our time, right now! "Find joy in the journey, NOW!" The neat thing is, he talked about that same thing last time in conference. I suppose we aren't doiing a good enough job living to the fullest and enjoying the life God has given us. After all, the doctrine of having fun is in the scriptures. 2Ne 2:25 says "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy". So there ya go! Whether the economy is collapsing or you're cramped in a Meeker in Mongolia, enjoy yourself! After all, joy isn't found in the amount of income you bring in or any of those wordly things, it's found in caring for people, teaching the Gospel, spending time with family. Those things can all be done without a sweet paycheck. Of course we all need money but I've learned that I should never have to worry about that. Jacob gave the Lord's promise about that in the Book of Mormon. If we seek first the Kingdom of God, everything else will fall inline. Isn't it wonderful? One verse specifically states that after we receive a hope in Christ we will obtain riches, if it is our desire. The Lord's plan is wonderful, the specifics may not be the same for us all, but the final outcome is all one glorious goal: eternal life and immortality. That's the richest you can get!

So, this last Tuesday, it SNOWED! It was crazy! It like rained a bit before so the snow didn't stick but for most of the time, the snow was going sideways. It was way sweet. I hadn't bought all my winter stuff so i ended up having to get 3 fingers amputated because of frostbite. Haha, just kidding. But it was pretty cold waiting for a meeker that never came for 45 minutes with the wind blowing every bit of heat out of ya. I enjoyed it. Needless to say, today I am going to go to the black market (zakh) and get everything I need for the winter.

Oh, so I had a pretty funny experience with prayer recently. At our last zone conference, they reiterated the importance of having another male in the household when you visit with people. That is very hard in Mongolia in the summer and fall because all the men usually work and they don't like to listen anyways. So, our other option is to take church members with us. in our branch, that is also very limited. So recently we really had very little chances of meeting with investigators unless we could get a branch missionary to come with us. So, we had a lesson set up for thge following day and we were looking desperately for a male to come with us. We had asked the lady we would meet with if her husband would be home and she said no, he usually got home around 830 or 9. So, we had a hope in one branch missionary that said maybe, we would ahve to call him again later the day of. So, we prayed so earnestly for a male to go with us. later the day of, we went out and taught english. When we finished, we called the branch missionary and to our dismay, he said he was busy. It was rather disheartening. Still, we headed down to the church to see if there was anyone that could just go with us from the church. After a fruitless attempt, we figured we needed to go to her house and at least tell her we couldn't find a male to come with us. We headed to the meeker stop and waited. And waited. And waited. 45 minutes we waited, in the snow and cold and no meeker came. We tried to call her from a phone and somehow lost the connection. Well, after awhile, we headed back and did someother work. Just contacting and setting up appointments becauee we couldn't find a meeker to get out to her place. Well, the funny part about all of this is that between the time we talked with her the night before this all happened and when it happened, her husband became sick! therefore, he didn't go to work that day and was at home! When we found that out, I was shocked! The Lord has answered our prayer! We had prayed for a male to go with us so we could teach, and there was one there! So, I said to my companion, "next time we need to pray for a male AND a meeker". haha. anyways. That day I did gain a stronger testimony that this is the Lord's work and that he will help the prayerful missionary fulfill his duty.

Oh, another neat thing I did this last week was dig a toilet. In Mongolia, a lot of places don't have running water. Hence, no toilets. So, they dig one the old fashion way! These last two weeks we have helped dig two. They usually go 3 meters (about 9 feet) and so you can't do it all in one setting. We usually just help what we can. Anyways, so we go to this one house on the top of a mountain and start to dig one out. This place was PURE rock! We started out with 2 shovels, 2 pickaxes, and a metal rod used to break up rock. When we had to stop working, we had 2 shovels, and the metal rod. What happened to the 2 pickaxes? I broke them! The stress from pounding through all the rock just split the wood in half. It was way funny. We all took turns using the pickaxes (there was 4 of us) but they always broke in my hands. Haha. So that was fun.

Also, the other day, we hopped on a Meeker and headed to our area. The problem was, my companion took the last seat and so i had to just kind of stand up in this van. So if you can imagine, there are 4 rows of seats with 4 people in each. Most of the people almost hit the roof of the car when sitting down. Now I'm standing up in this meeker, pressed up against the sliding door and leaning over. So here I was folding up hanging halfway into the aisle. to make things worse the lady I happened to be exactly over was breast-feeding her baby! It made for quite an awkard meeker ride. I rode that way for about 10 minutes. and my legs were way sore after it. haha

So, lastly, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you Mom! I love you alot! It seems like things back home are getting harder and harder and yet you're still doing your best. It's because I had a mom like you to raise me and instil in me those traits you have that I'm here now. You and Dad did such a great job raising me and I am forever grateful for both of you. NOw, indirectly, you two are blessing the lives of these Mongolian people as the Lord leads me to their lives. This work is true and whether we're on the ground doing it, or supporting it, we are working. And everyone can do this work, everyone MUST do this work! I love you all,

~Elder Cappuccio

This is what I sent james but he didn't get it before he wrote his email.....

Dear James,

I hope you enjoyed listening to conference. It was good, but I always enjoy reading it a time or two to really understand everything. We had a good week. I took 3 days off work and took the kids on a camp out with other single parents up on the Mongollon rim near Bear lake. It was really cold there, about 40 degrees at night, so i am glad to have a warm bed and hot shower again( I don't know how you handled cold showers for so long, but I guess it's better than nothing!) My hair still smells like campfire smoke after 2 washes. Joseph and Cali got to ride ATV's around the trails and Hopper had a great time too. She swam in the lake we went fishing in and ate everyone's leftovers. There were a lot of little kids there who gave her attention too, so she was in heaven. Cali caught a fish and Joseph got one on the line but it got away. Everyone had a fun time, so i am glad I made Joseph come, even though he protested about going.

I am working on what to do for a Chrsitmas program and I thought it might be cool to get all the missionaries in our ward to write or record a message from the mission field to be read or played on Christmas morning. I know your camera has a video mode, but I didn't know if you could use it to record a message and email it to me. Even if we just had a written message that someone in the family read would be cool.

I hope you are doing well and I am grateful that you are serving the Lord and the people in Mongolia. We love to hear from you and look forward to being inspired by your testimony each week.

I know the Church is true and it gives me hope and comfort and makes sense in a world where things tend to be confusing.

We love you

Keep the fire burning!

Love always,


Football, donuts and Chess: P-day activites

Alright, lets first address your concerns! So i did receive the CD player and the Speakers, they came just fine. As far as I know, all the food that you sent came fine as well! It is so good. The poptarts are already gone though because I shared them. Next time we might need more of them! And more gusher too, of course. I think if you could send some spices and stuff like that. Cinnammon. That is way good and helps make lots of yummy food. I drink the vitamin c drink mostly everday, but I don't know if there will be enough to last until you send the next batch. I think it's really helped because I've been having a stuffy nose for the past two weeks but other than that nothing serious has developed and so I'm very thankful for that. I also got the email about the checking account. I forgot to ask President about it last week so I'll write him an e-mail and ask him this week and see what he says.

That's to bad about Joseph but that's way cool to hear about Cali and Amy doing well! And I can't believe that happened to Elder Eyestone! That's unreal! Man, tell him I hope he gets better and he'll be in my prayers. So do you really want me to sent back all those letters? That's gonna be kinda expensivo!

So when I get back to America, I will definitely be making some Mongolian food. Of course, I'll have to change some of the ingredients and make it better and add stuff to it, but you're gonna like a lot of it. Or at least I hope you do! :) YOu're going to run another marathon?! Sweet! That'll be awesome! The way conference works here in Mongolia is they record it and translate it and then they send it here. Then we'll watch it on Saturday and Sunday at the same time as you all saw it, just a week later. I'm way excited for it. We'll be watching the English version with all the American Elders. That will be way good because we're going to have a potluck! :)

The weather here is still pretty nice. You can see your breath most days but it hasn't gotten really really cold just yet. Hopefully it won't do it anything soon because I still ahven't bought all the stuff I need for the winter! I'll be doing that this upcoming Preparation Day. This Preparation day we all got together at the church and played some football and made donuts and just played some games. I'm kind of getting good at chess so maybe I can take on Grandpa when I get home. He's way good though so I don't know.

Anyways, this week was alright. It was really slow in terms of missionary work. Sometimes my companion has trouble being motivated but we're working on it and so work should be picking up hopefully. Please pray for us that we can be successful! One of our new members was supposed to get the priesthood this week but he didn't show up at church which really upset me. He was doing really well lately and making all his meetings and then he didn't come. Besides that, not much else happened. We teach two more hours of English now on Thursdays. We teach english teachers. Thay have a guitar and an electronic keyboard in their class so I'm way excited to maybe incorportate that somehow...or just practice while my companion teaches. haha. Alright. Well, I tried to make it as interesting as I can this week but just not much happened! I'll try to make next week way exciting so that you have a lot of stuff to read about. ok? Alright, sounds good.

Most importantly, as I do this work day to day, I realize the magnitude of what the Savior did for us. My understanding grows each day. In turn, my gratitude grows each day. I am so grateful for this wonderful Plan of Salvation and the center of it, our Savior Jesus Christ. I'm so glad that it stretches to every people and every country. That even the people of Mongolia can hear of the peace and love that flows from God through his Son, Jesus Christ. I love this work and I love Him who's work it is.

I hope this letter finds you all well. I love you all so much!

~Elder Cappuccio

Dear old man James,

Helloooooo, we are still here in Arizona and still lovin life. If you think you're getting old, then I am really in trouble....Just got done listening to General Conference. It always gives me a lift, kind of like your letters =). KW Hodgson said after you have been out a year your letters/emaiils will get shorter and shorter, because there isn't any new stuff to write, but I think you'll be able to keep thinking of things to share, like getting kicked in the thigh! You played lacrosse and football, so a kick in the thigh is like a mosquito bite. There was a whole talk in conference about how we should respond to attacks on our faith by others and the answer was with "Christian kindness." I read comments on the online news and the stuff people blog about after it and there are a lot of people out there who like to say bad things about our church or people in our church. But, I don't ever see anyone from our church getting mean back to the people on the blog, just sometimes a explanantion of what we do or believe in. Watching the choir at conference also reminded me of you. It would be cool if you and Amy sang in the Tabernacle Choir someday and Cali could guest star! The last song the choir sang was, "We Ever Pray for Thee, Our Prophet Dear." I remember you sang that for the prophet at the MTC.The missionary choir sang at the Priesthood session. Did you get to listen to any s essions? Your Sunday is already over by the time Conference starts, so you probably have regular meetings. They annouced 5 more temples, one of them is going to be in Rome, Italy! That will be very cool.

Ok, So I just wanted to check a few things....did you get the CD player and CD in the box of goodies? I know the food was the most exciting part, but I just want to make sure the other stuff got there too. And if you take those vitamin C drink mixes everyday, you will probably avoid getting a bad cold. Also did you get my email about you checking account and calling to stop the bill pay service?

Ok on to news from home. Weather here is finally nice. Today if was sunny and 80 so I took Hopper on a walk! So it must be getting cold where you are. We need a picture of you with all your winter clothes on for the blog. Anyway so on to family news.....Joseph is grounded from the computer when school starts after fall break, until he gets his grade in Honors Chemistry up to a C and his math grade up to a B. Cali got straight A's her 1st quarter of Jr High. and Amy is doing well in all her classes(she's not taking chemistry!). Crystal is still Ace-ing school and working, but she works at the Childrens Museum in Phoenix now and likes it much better than being a teller at the bank. As for me, I'm training to run a marathon again and have got up to 11 miles so far. I went trail running with Betsy yesterday and I w asn't ready for the hills, so I am going to be sore for a few days. I had to walk on the uphills, so I'm not in great shape yet( actually a long way from great shape). I'll try it again in a month snd see if i do better. Oh yea BYU is good this year in football. They are ranked #8 so far and ar 5-0. Utah is also 5-0 and ranked #15, so the after Thanksgiving game in SLC will be a crazy one for sure! Maybe it will be on National TV.

Also, I just found out that Elder Eyestone is back home recovering from a back injury he sustained on his mission. He fell off of a ladder while painting a house for a service project for a member or investigator. He might be able to go back in 2 months. He hurt his lower back because when he fell he landed on a wall right in the lower back area. I hope he recovers soon. I'll tell him you have some of his letters! So if you get a chance you should mail those back and we'll send them to the rightful owners. That was pretty crazy. You get all excited to get a pile of mail to find out most of it wasn't even written to you.

Good to hear your new member is doing well and hope you have success with all your efforts. I forwarded you Devin's last email and he sounds like he is doing well and enjoying the food too! When you get back I don't think you will able to get any horse steak here....maybe Mexico?

Thanks for being such a gr eat example for me and everyone. I pray that you will also be watched over and protected. Have a great week. I look forward to hearing from you again. We love you!

Love always,

keep the fire burning!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Still Lovin it, as much fun as a kick in the thigh! really!


It’s me again, and I’m still in Mongolia, still on my mission, still loving life. As of last Thursday, I’ve been in the country for 8 weeks! Crazy huh! Man I’m old, I’ve almost been on my mission for a 1/2 year. Don’t worry, I’m not getting trunky (that’s a missionary term for when you start anticipating your departure a little too much). So…what happened this week for me? I’ll tell you shortly, I’ll quickly address what you wrote about earlier and then I’ll continue.

I got your package last week on Monday, it may have arrived earlier but I don’t know, I only check on Mondays and I wrote last weeks email before I checked for the package. Anyways, I really appreciated it! The candy is spot on. I love those type of poptarts, I LOVE gushers. The mashed potatoes are a way sweet thing to use. And every thing else I got in there is awesome. Thank you so much! Now, the letters were a little weird…I was way excited to get all the letters but, to my dismay, half of them were addressed to the other ward missionaries!!! I’ve got like 5 to Elder Fisher, then others to Elder Eyestone, Elder Clawson, and Elder Miller….how’d that happen? Anyways, I hope their not mad I took their mail haha. Also, Brother Young talked about a plaque being in the bottom of the box. I looked and it wasn’t there so he either forgot to put it in or someone took it out before it got to me. However, the box wasn’t opened when I got it so I don’t know! Anyways, most importantly, it was wonderful to get a package from home and I really appreciate all the care and effort and money that went into it. Tell the ward and especially Brother Young THANK YOU!

That’s too bad about America, sounds like rough times! Guess it would be kind of boring though if it wasn’t happening. Just be comforted in the fact that no matter what happens, the righteous members of God’s true church will be blessed whether in this life or the next. That’s something you can bank on always.

So, you asked if we’re teaching English. The answer is YES! We teach 8 hours a week: 4 at two separate places. The first place is called Dream Way LTC. It’s like a free English teaching place and so whoever wants to come, comes. We usually just have like 2 or 3 people to teach so it’s kind of boring but I do the best I can at making it an enjoyable experience. The other place is called Undarga Secondary School. We teach like 4 grade levels there and they all are way smart in English. They can all write and read a bunch but they don’t talk it well. That’s why I’m there! So it’s a little harder to teach there cuz their little kids and they’re rambunctious! We showed them Over the Hedge for one class so they could practice listening and another day I taught them the first verse to Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar”. That was fun. Don’t worry though, it’s allowable! We’re doing for the cause of English! So yea, that’s my English situation and I don’t mind it too much. I actually like teaching a lot it’s just a little hard trying to figure out how to connect with them and get them excited about it like you are. Ok, so really, Horse meat is really good. It’s better than any other type that I can think of here in Mongolia. A horse steak would destroy a cow steak anyday of the week in my opinion.

Anyways…this week! It was pretty eventful in some ways. The other day I built my first Ger! We helped this one investigator family move and so we took down their ger, packed it in the back of a truck and then set it up at another location. It was way sweet! The floor was a little hard to sort out because it was like a puzzle and we had to figure out which one went where. Don’t worry though, I won and solved the puzzle. After that we put together the whole thing. It’s a pretty simple design but it’s remarkably warm during the winter. It can be like -40 outside and then 80 or 90 inside their ger! Sweet huh! And it’s all done with just fur and a stove in the center! So that was a good experience. It took awhile though…like 6 hours :( Also, I gave my first talk in Mongolian sacrament! I had borne my testimony before but this was like a real talk! SO that was way scary but I prepared and I followed the Spirit’s guidance and so it went well. They felt the Spirit and that’s the most important part. I gave it on likening the Scriptures. Also, another first. I received my first act of violence in Mongolia! The other day we were sitting at a bus stop just waiting for a meeker and then all of a sudden some guy comes up and just kicks me in the thigh and keeps walking. Me and like everyone around just like look at the guy are we’re like…”…ok?” Haha it was pretty funny actually. It didn’t really hurt and everyone around me was like, that guy’s a jerk. Anyways, I thought that was pretty neat, it could be worse ya know, another missionary got it pretty bad but I won’t go into detail just because I don’t want to worry ya’ll. Most importantly, we’re missionaries on the Lord’s errand and what happens is seen by the Lord. So, in terms of missionary work, we’re getting a little bit of success in my area. It’s really been like trying to revive an almost dead corpse but it’s coming along. We got 7 new investigators this week. Two families and then these two girls that are friends. The two families came to church today and I’m really excited for them because they seem very interested.

One of my new members, Otgone, recently got back from Japan. He’s got a problem with his eye and so he went to a hospital to get it check out. Everything is going to be good from what he said and he’ll be able to read books in not too long of a time. He shared with me a great story about how he was in the hospital and he was really hurting and scared. Then he prayed. After that, he said he didn’t hurt anymore, he was calm. He knew and I know that it was the Lord comforting him. I’m so excited for him and the way he’s progressing in his spiritual journey. He’s going to get the Aaronic priesthood next week which is going to be another great step for him. I can’t fully express the joy I get each Sunday as I talk to new members and investigators that have come to the Lord’s true church on the earth. It’s just a great feeling because I know that they’re on the right path and that they can find rest and true happiness here. Alright, so that’s about it for this week. As I continue on in this work, I just continue to see the Lord’s hand and know that he is there. That not one sparrow falls from the sky without the Lord seeing it, as Jesus taught. And more importantly, we are greater than that in God’s eyes and therefore he will provide for us if we will seek him. Isn’t in wonderful to know that our Heavenly Father never sleeps or is off duty, but that we can always find him in pray, in searching the scriptures, in attending the church and the temple. I marvel at that fact everyday.

K, well I love you all and hope and pray for the Lord’s protection over you. ~Elder Cappuccio

-----Original Message----- From: marathomom@aol.com To: james.cappuccio@myldsmail.net Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 18:26:13 -0400 Subject: Horse meat and Shith Lords

Dear James, So, I guess if your apartments aren't too bad I think I can handle a picture or two.... I could forward those Realtor pictures to your grandmother so she will not worry so much. She pictured you sitting on dirt floors in your new missionary suit while teaching members- have any pictures of that? Maybe when you get out in the country...

Sounds like your food is getting better except for the horse meat! The lamb I like, but nt sure I could like horse meat unless I didn't know what t was.? At our ward picnic brother Young was telling me about his Korean dining experiences and it was disgusting.? I think he enjoys telling us about that stuff. I also noticed you have been blessed by a better keyboard last week, so we didn't have quite a reading challenge this time.? Most of the people who get your emails think it makes the email better- adds some humor, so maybe it's not such a bad thing after all.

That's nice the Joan Oakey wrote you a letter.? She is very nice, just wished she would move back close by. I forward you emails to her so she might forward them to Dan, but I haven't got any forwards form Dan. I will forward any mail I do get. So did you get the package brother Young mailed? If you got it when did it get there? Just want to see how long it took to get there.... We might need to send Christmas stuff in October. Thanks for the information about Mongolian people. I agree the names can be pretty weird. I think a name should be something you are proud of that means something, but obviously some people don't look at it that way. The politics and financial news is heating up. Government is bailing out the financial mess to void a depression, presidential debates are starting up and I am glad to still have a job. I don't think it is crazy that McCain picked a woman, it actually helped him in the polls. Voting Republican doesn't mean we are voting for the same thing we have had for the last 8 years though.? I think whoever is President will have a rough time. Anyway, I hope you are teaching many investigators and having a good time with your new companion. Are you teaching English now? WE love you and hope you are well. Love always, Keep the fire burning! Mom

Mongolian Apartments, horse meat and Shith Lords

Ha, that's interesting! How'd you get on a Mongolian Realtor's e-mail list?!?!

Anyways, let me first assure you that our apartments are not even CLOSE to those ones. I'll have to put some pictures on of ours. From what i've gathered, the apartments in my area are probably some of the nicest in the mission for the regular missionaries. Senior missionaries are nicer of course...anyways, this past week has been great for showers! Up untill yesterday we had no hot water in the apartments! That meant we were showering in REALLY COLD water! The kind that feels like ice when you run your hand under it. So that's how I cleaned up for the past 6 days or so. It was great. Anyways, a little secret is to sing while your in there. That or scream. Either way it just doesn't seem as cold for some reason. :) So yea...the hot water is back on and it fluctuates a lot! I almost got burned today!

Alright, so the food has been much better for me! I got to eat some homemade hooshoor from a new members house last monday and it was SOOOOO GOOD! They killed the lamb that evening and then cooked it up. Man, it was good. Then with my new companion, we've been to some nice restaurants and eaten. Those were way good. By the way, a nice restaurant in Mongolia is usually around 5 to 7 dollars a plate for food and it's usually a lot of food. Other places are just like 2 or 3 dollars if you're really hungry. Just to give you an idea of things, we live off of 50 dollars a missionary (give or take) each week. Most of the time we don't even spend that much. So, my new companion! His name is Elder Alexander. His real name is Elder Shaw though. Shaw in Mongolian is a REALLY bad word and so they changed it. He's from Provo Utah but he grew up in New Jersey so he's got an accent that's pretty rich. One cool thing is that his family actually fed Elder Clawson and his companion not too long ago and he mentioned that he had a friend serving in Mongolia! Now we're companions! He's a pretty neat guy and I think you'll be hearing about a lot of good work coming through us pretty soon!

Ok, so today I wanted to share some neat things that make Mongolia unique. The first thing is: names! So i talked about it a little bit, but the names are wierd here! the can all be translated to mean various things. Sadly, some of them aren't the best names. For example, nergui. That means 'without a name' and it's fairly common among Mongolians! Another is guluk which means 'puppy'. The worst I can think of that is actually a name is khuunbesh which means 'not a person'. Crazy huh! We went to a cementary today to explore and we found other names like 'yellow son' 'brown child' 'not this'. SO there you go! If you thought movie stars name their kids wierd...think about Mongolian names!

The next thing...Shith pirates. These guys are people that go around all day picking up empty glass and plastic bottles to redeem for cash. They carry big bags around on the sidewalks and streets and say thinks like "We'll take glass!" and then just take it to these centers that give them cash for it. There's a lot of them around here and there's actually one that goes to church and brings her bag with her. So yea, shith or shil is glass and so we call them (originated from Elder Morrison) shith pirates. The people taht collect all the glass from them are called shith lords. Haha funny eh?

Alright, and then there's Horse meat. It's WAY GOOD! I don't know if you've ever tried it, but they eat it here a lot, especially in the winter because it's a hot meat. I'm excited for the winter if that means more horse meat :).

So that's some stuff about Mongolia that's just a little different from America. As more things come out i'll make sure to mention them! But what is this about McCain choosing a woman? And how is he winning? Have the people forgotten who was just in the White House for the last 8 years? Goodness. I might not want to come back if things keep heading this way. So, I do miss politics, dearly. If you could maybe send a little information, bite size stuff, that could be appreciated. Not too much though, i've got to keep my head in Mongolia and on the Lord's work.

We didn't have too much happen in terms of missionary work this week because I've been showing my new senior companion around and basically rebuilding the area's work up after my last companion left. It's hard but we've had some really neat lessons where the Spirit has been strong and it's then I know that the Lord does prosper this work and those that seek to build His kingdom through His methods will be blessed for it. And knowing that makes me so glad to be here in Mongolia doing what I'm doing!

I got a short letter from Sister Oakey which was really nice to receive. If she could forward me Dan's letters or somethging and you do the same for Elder Oakey that would be cool so i could stay posted on him and hear his stories.

ALright, so that's just about it for this week's e-mail. I decided that if you wanted to send another package soon it should most defintely include: Kool Aid packets, beef jerky, American candy, soup cans (maybe?) and then more Gillette Fusion razor blades, and then if Joseph or Amy could put together EFY cds that would be wonderful!

Alright, I love you! I hope this letter finds you well and that work keeps going good for you! Your Son and Missionary,

Elder Cappuccio

-----Original Message----- From: marathomom@aol.com To: james.cappuccio@myldsmail.net Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 19:29:57 -0400 Subject: Fwd: Apartments For Rent in Ulaanbaatar

Dear James, This is the 2nd email I received about apartments for rent in Ulaanbaatar, so I was wondering if you were trying to give me an idea of what your living conditions were like.? I don't know how I got on this Realtor's email list, but at least these apartments look nice.? Are your apartments similar? I am sure you don't have the one with the big red round bed....? Anyway they all seem like the could be just down the road.? I hope you food has been more boring this week. I was eating breakfast when I read about the fingernail and unlike you i made my stomach turn. it reminded me about the time in Jr High when I found one of the lunch lady's band aids in my lasagna. I hope you received your care package by now.? Besides the food we sent there is the small cd player, speakers and your choir cd.

Well got to run to choir practice- we miss you at choir practice. When you get back you have to sing in church with Ben. I always like to hear you sing. I especially liked when you sang "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" in the play about Joseph Smith. Take care and keep the fire burning! Love Always,