I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Mongolia(Dec 28th email)

Alright well, I guess you just all talked to me on the phone so there was no reason to write an e-mail this week right? Anyways, it's me again and I want to say that it was really nice talking to you on the phone! I forgot to mention this but Joseph's voice was actually a little deeper. My little brother is growing up! It was neat to hear you all and realize that you're all just the same as when I left ya'll! haha.

Since we talked on the phone not much else has really happened. It's still not REALLY cold yet. It's pretty nice in my opinion. All those things about cold weather in Mongolia were a bunch of lies! But actually like, my companion was telling me that when he was little winters were a lot worse and a lot colder and with a lot more snow. So he's a big fan of the Global Warming theory because now winters in Mongolia aren't that bad! Oh well.

New Years is coming up pretty soon and we're lining up our appointments well. Making sure to meet with all the families that will give us good food! haha. Just kidding. Anyways, this week my companion and I are really going to work on helping our investigators really understand what it is we share with them. Then they'll really be living up to the title of "Investigator". In Mongolian the word is just Interested Person. It seems that some of the time it's this way. They are just interested in the church a bit. Investigator in my opinion has a more serious tone to it. They're getting into the facts and really searching. On the other hand, Interested is just like, hmm I haven't been to your church before, lets try it out! Now, of course, that's not all Mongolians because many of the Church members in Mongolia are very strong and understand and have a strong testimony of the truth of this work. Anyways, I hope that makes sense. This week should be really good as we look to develop the power of our calling more and exercise it in the ways we meet with people.

In the good news, the other day we met with one of our part-member families. Her name is Tonga and she's been a member for 5 years. Her father is a soldier and in Mongolia none of the soldiers or police are allowed to worship any religion. That's hard huh! Luckily, he is retiring in January so we're so ready to baptize that family! We met with them and showed the Restoration video. The next day they were at church! It was way sweet. Hopefully they'll keep taking those steps of faith and go all the way!

Alright, well have a good week! THe new year is coming! Lets all make really good commitments to be better people and to follow the Lord more clearly and definitively. I love you all very much. :)

~Elder Cappuccio

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