I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love from home

James, I just sent you a package today with some contacts, goodies and a letter. you probably won't get until Tuesday. I hope you have a good Fourth of July even though you are in the MTC. We won't be up in Utah until the 11th and then me and Amy are flying to NY right away.? Cali wanted to know if we could go by and see you in the MTC and I told her we couldn't, We miss you but are so proud of your great example.I got a lot of responses back from people I forwarded your email to, but haven't had a chance to read them yet. I heard from someone that there was some problems in Mongolia about the election, have you heard anything about that? I haven't had time to check the news. I don't have much time right now, but I wil email you later. I hope you got some email and mail from others because I didn't get my stuff mailed until today. Keep the fire burning! Love always, mom

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