I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Letters from Home

Dear Elder Jamo,

I liked your explanation about why you didn't get as much mail when you were a district leader. Here's another view on that... you have to give us time recover from the news that you were made a district leader, jk. We're just not used to writing letters in this computer age, email is so much faster and easier. Did you get the package i sent? And the cinnamon rolls from your grandparents? Grandpa says they almost didn't accept them at the front desk, because they said they are supposed to be mailed. I will send another package with some contacts and razors and other goodies soon. I posted your email address on the blog, so maybe some people will email you.

Ryan Burgoyne got his mission call this week. He got called to Long Beach, CA, but as a Cambodian language missionary!? That's got to be a tough language too.? Where does that rate? Who teaches you Mongolian? Do you have members from Mongolia here teaching you or former missionaries? It's great to hear how well you are doing learning the language. It's amazing how much the Lord is able and willing to help us if we just seek it. My friend Jacque had to have surgery on her thyroid this week, so she is out of work for 10 days, which fortunately gives her time to get one more Sunday meeting in so she can get baptized. She works on Sundays right now, so she has only attended twice and she needs 3 meetings for baptism requirements. She knows it's true, she has already had a pretty good experience with hearing the spirit tell here it's the true church.

I didn't know it got so hot in Mongolia! I hope you can email pictures home, I'm interested in seeing what it's like for you over there.? Amy and I will be going to New York in July. What would you recommend that we make sure and see or do while we are there? We already bought tickets to Phantom of the Opera, front row on the upper Mezzanine! We're staying with a friend of mine in NY and my mom got us the plane tickets, so we are all set. It will be cool, but a short trip, only 3 days, which is good so I won't spend too much money!

My sister Alex is having a baby on July 7th, so you will have another girl cousin in a few weeks! We might go up and visit them while we are in Utah, if they want company so soon after the baby.....not sure yet.

We love you and hope you get lots of mail and everything that you need. I always let people know I have a son on a mission whenever I can. it gives me a chance for my own missionary experience!

Keep the fire burning!

love always, mom

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