I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MTC Week 4 and "I'm a baller" pronunciation revealed

Haha...yea, i was hoping Joseph would like what I put. Well you tell him it's pronounced "bum-bug-chin" haha. About the e-mails. I can get e-mails from anyone and everyone if they so choose. I can only answer one e-mail a week so that'll be yours but I can always write them a letter in response. About the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD, yea you could send me that and I could use it. One of our roommates has a CD player with speakers so that would be awesome. Is it the new one? I wanted that! Oh, and I got your letters too! It was really great to get those and I hope to get one from Joseph sometime soon. I really want Dad's address so I can send him and Crystal a letter! I'm sorry to hear about work. Being in the MTC is like being in a complete different world! We hear about nothing! Then again, that's probably a good thing haha. About Elder Eyestone, he already left about a week and a half ago. He was only there for 3 weeks and so he's gone. I saw him all the time we were here though and it was awesome to just see how he was doing. He seemed to be getting really comfortable with being a missionary and I'm excited to hear anything about how his mission goes over there. Ok, so i'll give you a little layout of how the districts and zones are set up. Each Wednesday new missionaries come in. They'll group the missionaries into small groups of anywhere from 2-14 or so missionaries for the same area/language. (For English it's a little more liberal about location) These are called Districts. For the Mongolians, we only have one district of Mongolians the entire time we're here. However, bigger missions/languages will have multiple districts learning the same language in different classrooms. So each district has a district leader. Now, they then bring together a bunch of districts, and put them into a zone. From what I know the zones aren't organized by any certain pattern because we have a district of Indonesians, Malagasy (Madagascar), Mongolians, and English-speaking. Anyways, they all are a zone and they live in the same residence halls and have pretty much the same schedule. We all meet for church and are presided over by a branch presidency which consists of Brethren from outside of the MTC coming in for our meeting and such. Each Zone has a companionship as Zone Leaders. It's kind of interesting because a District only has 1 district leader whereas a Zone has 2 Zone leaders in a companionship. Just because there are more Elders to look after. In our Zone there are....somewhere around 30+ elders in 5 districts. We have one district that only has 1 Elder! It's kind of funny. This week has been really great. My companion and i were sustained as Zone Leaders on Sunday and we've been pretty busy ever since. One thing we get to do that I'm excited about is to meet the new missionaries that come into our district on Wednesdays and give them a brief tour. I like doing that kind of stuff. We also are there to help the District Leaders out and lift our zone as best as we can. I honestly have to say I love doing this because I get to feel the Spirit so much more in looking to inspire these Elders. I'm so grateful for it! I mean as it is, the Spirit is so prevalent in this MTC but this callings give an added measure that I am so thankful for. The devotionals and firesides here have been really great. This last tuesday we had a Quorum of the Seventy (Elder Mervyn B. Arnold) speak on how to preach the Gospel with all diligence. He had a bunch of good points and I know our whole district was really inspired by the talk. The thing that stood out to me the most was his testimony though. When he bore his testimony, he bore it with such power and Spirit, it was amazing. I told myself that I wanted to be able to bear my testimony like that, and in order to do so, understand the doctrine and principles so thoroughly as to command that knowledge. Also, on Sunday, our district held an awesome District meeting were we talked about goals we want to set for now and for the mission. As soon as we got on that track, the Spirit sparked this burning desire in our hearts and it was amazing! I just felt it so thoroughly as we worked together to identify ways to make the biggest affect on our mission. I have got to say I have a really good feeling about the Elders in our district. They are a very special group and I just can't wait to get out into the field with them and see what we can accomplish. We've been told a lot recently that President Hinckley wanted to double baptisms internationally but that we have not accomplished that yet. We are going to be the missionaries to start that going at least in Mongolia. I just know it. Well I don't have much time left but I'll try and share some more things I've learned while I was here. Don't waste time: Here at the MTC we are given a lot of time to work on the language and the doctrine and it's really made me realize how precious time is. We don't really have a lot of it to spend doing things outside of what will bring us closer to God and our family. Certain responsibilites, of course, require us to provide support for familes and so on, but outside that, time is so precious that it just can't be wasted. In the devotional on Tuesday, Elder Arnold expressed thoroughly how much our Heavenly Father loves us. I believe that and I know that. He loves each and every one of us SO much! That's one of my favorite parts to teach in the discussions because it's amazing! He knows us individually and loves us. We are his children and we lived with him for 'thousands of ages' before we came here. You better believe that he absolutely loves us and that he wants only the best for us. Moses 1:39 tells us that. His whole purpose is to get us to become like Him, to inherit his kingdoms and glories and to receive eternal life and exaltation. What amazing love that He and the Savior have for us! They have devoted every second of their time since the beginning of the world for that purpose! I love all of you so very very much! Write back soon! ~Elder James Cappuccio I need Dad's address, Jayson Marshall's address, Elder Clawson and Elder Millers. Love ya! -----Original Message-----

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