I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

4th of July in Mongolia and the Boil Saga Continues-July 5th,2009

Dear Family, 


I regret to imform you that when you see me next, I will have one real leg, and 
one fake one.  The boil quickly turned into a flesh-eating virus which then 
mutated into an alien species and ate my leg.  It was gross.
Ok, but to be honest, the leg is fine.  It hurt for like a day or so, and then I 
got some antibiotics, and treated it with hot water.  I do have some puss 
splatter stains on the pockets of my suit though :-/  Haha, I bet you're 
enjoying all this!  So yea, it's almost all the way gone now.  I think the 
inspiration to cut a hole at first was a good idea.  It allowed for the puss to 
come out easierly without having to lance it.  Thanks for praying about it!

So, the 4th of July just happened.  That was a hoot.  We went to this apartment 
complex where all the American expatriates live.  All the missionaries in the 
city went and participated in the festivities.  Notable events were, almost all 
you could eat American hot dogs, brautwursts, and hamburgers; a tug of war 
contest; and fried pig.  It was cloudy, windy, and rainy so it wasn't the best 
party, but it was a good time.  It was really wierd because all the other 
Americans there are usually just there for two reasons: Military, or Missionary.  
Rarely will you find someone here just for business.  So I could kind of talk 
with the military ones but it was always wierd talking with the 
missionaries...what do you talk about?!?!  But, we did manage to find 4 really 
cool people.  They're here doing some internship for their MBAs this summer.  
They go to the University of Boston and they're from all over the world!  The 
two guys were from Kazakhstan and Turkey, and the two girls were from Korea and 
Italy.  I told the Italian my last name was Cappuccio and she said, oh, so 
you're from the southern part, like Sicily.  YEAAAA!  We're connected to the 
Sicilian mafia!  I always had a hunch...haha.  Oh yea, and American people, just 
like Mongolians, like to get drunk so by the end of the party there were some 
pretty wasted people.  Then they started dancing a little inappropriately...and 
all the missionaries left!

The work here is going good!  We had three of our investigators at church.  One, 
Lutsaikhan is going to have to wait two months to get baptized but its ok!  
We're using the time now to get the rest of his family interested and so instead 
of 1 person getting baptized, we'll have 4!  He's down for the idea especially 
because he's kind of worried about his son making the right choices.  He said 
he's started to smoke...

The other two were a father and his daughter.  The daughter, Zaya, has been 
going pretty steady and she's found a lot of friends in the Young Women's 
program.  I'm very grateful for that program.  The dad is part Chinese and 
because of that doesn't really associated with a lot of people.  He's kind of 
afraid of that because in Mongolia it still is a bit of a stigma to be part 
Chinese.  Anyways, he came and he said he really liked it!  Unfortunately, he's 
got work all this week and so we'll be working with his wife this week and then 
all three of them again next week.  The finding is going good as well.  We're 
finding new families and other men that are pretty interested.  One thing that 
kind of is hard for our branch is getting to church.  The boundaries of the 
branch don't even reach the church building and the farthest member is maybe 45 
minutes by bus from the church.  So the people that come are very dedicated, but 
it is a little hard to first build that dedication.

As for the exchange, my companion, Elder Cardinal is going to Murun!  He's way 
excited for it too.  He leaves today at noon and he'll be flying out there.  
Murun is by the big Khuvsgalt lake in the the North Western part.  And me?  I'm 
staying here with Elder Steinberg!  Elder Steinberg was in the group just after 
me.  A funny thing about us is that while we were at BYU, we were in the same 
hall in Heritage.  He opened his call before mine, but because of his 
availability date, he entered after me.  He comes from the DC area and actually 
knows Billy Nixon (now Elder NIxon) who played with me on the BYU Lacrosse team.  
So we've already got some good connections and we're looking forward to spicing 
up the work here!  I'll tell you one sweet thing about him: So, usually the 
standard of excellence in the mission is 20 lessons a week.  While Elder 
Steinberg was in Darkhan with Elder Amardelger, they did on average, 35 lessons 
a week!!!  That's amazing eh?  Not to mention they were teaching 10 hours of 
English as well.  So I'm excited to work with him and get our work poppin' like 
it was in Darkhan for them.  The following e-mails should be really 
action-packed.  So don't go anywhere!

Well, I love you all.  I love the work more, but you guys are number two for 
sure!  Keep on keepin on.  And don't remind me when i come home, it's all way 
too soon.  Two years isn't nearly enough time!!!  Tell Elder Stock hello for me, 
I meant to ask about him last week but forgot to.  I'll definitely have to hang 
out with him at BYU.  So next up to go is Elder Oakey right?  Goodness, then 
Elder Clawson, then Elder Miller.  AHHHH...  Oh, and I got the pictures, you 
guys all look good!  Especially Joseph.  My old companion said he could be in 
the Mafia with that looks.  Well, it's in his blood.  Alright bye!

~Elder Cappuccio
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From: marathomom@aol.com
To: james.cappuccio@myldsmail.net
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 20:01:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Good Morning!

Dear James,

Greetings from hot dry Arizona and Happy 4th of July a little late. I know you 
are only in the ROTC program, but when they mention the armed services personnel 
I think of you and you being in the Army and I am proud that you are willing to 
serve your country and be a good influence wherever you may serve.

 We went up to PIne/Payson for the 4th of July.  We went 4-Wheelin and hung out 
at Jack's parents cabin.  Joseph didn't go, but Amy, Cali, Killian, Jackson and 
Hannah went, so it was a big family outing.  Next year you will be here! yeah! 

Did you get the pictures I sent from the wedding?  I haven't had time to 
organize them or print any out.  I will send you some actual printed copies when 
I do. I might attach a picture of Joseph, if I remember.  

Anyway church was good.  I couldn't find my scriptures, so I grabbed your old 
set.  I found your Pooch pod notebook, where you keep spiritual quotes and 
thoughts.  It was cool to read those. Travis Stock came back from his  mission 
last week and spoke in church last Sunday.  He is still the same somewhat but 
much more grown-up and able to express himself and his testimony.  He still 
mutters funny things under his breath in between sentences though.  It was cool 
to hear him bear his testimony in Korean.  If I closed my eyes and listened I 
wouldn't know it was a American, he sounded really good, not hesitation it just 
flowed and I imagined you doing the same thing with Mongolian.  That's truly 
amazing! Just as the stake president blessed you to become so proficient at the 
Mongolian language that you earn their respect, I see that happening in your 
letters and your desire to serve and teach them.  Oh, yea and Travis is going to 
BYU, so you can see him when you get back up there next year.He is living with 
his mom in the Provo area now applying to get in

Hope your boil is better and I hope your grandma doesn't read that letter.  She 
might send you a case of iodine or even deliver it personally =).

Keep the fire burning! WE love you and pray for you and all the missionaries.

Love always

your mom

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