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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fajitas,Watermelon, Icecream Cake and, yes, more Boils-Jul 19th

Why hello dear family!

So this week I finally took care of the boils.  It was tough the first few days 
cause you can only bathe them in hot water and then wash them really good.  
Then, after rubbing a lot on your pants as you walk all day (that hurts a bunch 
by the way), they eventually break.   Then it's fun.  Each morning and night 
there is a good amount of blood and pus to clean/squeeze out.  Sometimes it just 
goes ahead and bleeds all over you anyways.  Anyways, it was enjoyable to take 
care of those three boials for the last couple days.  Now they're just inactive 
volcanos and should  be completely gone soon!  Hope you enjoyed reading about it 
as much as I enjoyed dealing with them! :)

This week we got to eat at a Senior Couples house!  It was heavenly.  We had 
chicken fajitas, potato salad, watermelon, and ice cream cake.  After that, we 
walked a little slower.  But it was beautiful.

The work, like that food, is also beautiful.  This sunday, Zaya brought her mom 
to church.  She was way shy at first and came with her sunglasses on, but she 
loved it.  She said it was great.  We also had another member bring these 
sisters to church and we'll be meeting with them and their family this week.  
Lutsaikhan fasted this week so that his family would be more receptive to the 
Gospel.  This week we had a lot of spiritual experiences in lesson as we taught 
by the Spirit and were bold with our promises.  I think that is the best part of 
missionary work outside of seeing someone getting baptized.  Teaching a lesson 
by the power of the Spirit and seeing the effect in the responses and 
expressions of the investigators.

Well, I love you all!  Keep on keepin on.  And we will too!
~Elder Cappuccio

P.S. Package?? :) You know I love you a lot!

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