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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Teaching Former Companion's Sister- Spectaculer Week- Mar 29, 2009

Hello! So this week was spectacular! I've gained witness upon witness of the sacred nature of this work and the divine power of this message! 

I think awhile ago I told you of how my old companion's family was in my area and how we started meeting with his older sister. Well, we've continued to meet with her but just like before there wasn't much sign of progress. She would read with her church member relatives and she would pray if asked, but she had never come to church yet, she just always had something else to do. However, this week, the Lord inspired us through the Holy Spirit to know exactly what to teach. I mean exactly, down to the very words we would say. On Thursday, we went to her house, accompanied by a sister returned missionary who served in Ukraine and taught her about baptism. As we shared the sacred doctrine of the age of accountibility and the status of children who died before reaching that age, a most aweinspiring feeling surged into the room. As we shared the beautiful vision on Joseph Smith from the Doctrine and Covenants we were able to give her a special promise that her daughter was waiting for her in the Celestial Kingdom and that in order to be with her again, she had to get baptised. Tears of joy were shed on both sides, I haven't cried a lot in my life, but I have found myself crying more often on my mission, and this was one of those experiences.Then, this Sunday, another part of that miracle unfolded before our eyes: she came to church! Man, it was incredible! 

Anyways, there were a bunch of other neat things that happened this week. I can't write them all because time is short but you can ask me about them in like a year when I get home. Man it's been going fast huh. Welllll, I love you all. Write me back, send me packages, do all the things that you great parents do! ALright, I'll write again next week! 

~Elder Cappuccio 

-----Original Message----- From: marathomom@aol.com To: james.cappuccio@myldsmail.netm
 Dear James,


 I typed a letter already but it wouldn't send it, bad connections here at 
jack's house.? I hope this goes through.? I love getting your letters and hope 
this gets there before you write me.? I finally got to go to the Renaissance 
festival on Saturday. It was fun and we had a good time.? Joseph also got his 
driving permit, but I haven't let him practice yet.? It may have something to do 
with his saying he wanted an old solid steel car so when he crashed into someone 
he wouldn't get hurt....I told him this is not like bumper cars....I'll take it 


 Ashley Richardson got married Friday and they had a nice wedding reception in 
the Richardson's back yard. Cali said she couldn't wait until you got home so 
you could have a wedding reception.? Jack mentioned that you would need to get 
married first.....Cali's already making some plans for you!

 We love you and pray for you always,


 keep the fire burning!


 Love always,



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