I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Soccer and Souls to Save(Mar. 22nd, 2009)

Hellooooo. I want cinnamon rolls! Those sound delicious. Anyways, one of the senior couples is getting ready to head back home and so this last Saturday they are making sloppy joe's for us. That is something I'm looking forward to! Alright, so it sounds like things are going good for all ya'll. Going to pine, playing in the forest...for the last 4 weeks we've been playing soccer with some other elders and it's been a lot of fun. I'm definitely not my old self, I'm rusty, and out of shape, but I still make good runs and get them spun up. I really thought I was quite skinnier from before but it's more of just that I lost most of my muscle and replaced it with...well, the only other thing you can replace it with, fat...:( BUt i'm not like OBESE, i'm just...not what I used to be.

Anyways, enough lamentations! The best part is that I'm a missionary! I was thinking over this week and trying to think of some really neat experiences and I couldn't really point out any. I guess it just over all was good because we were able to meet with a lot of people and bring a measure of the Spirit into their lives. We had a little disappointment in that the lady we've been working with a lot and moving towards baptism decided to stop meeting with us. It was really a sad day for the two of us, we were so sure that she was going to go all the way. But on the other hand, we've got another great lady that's going to get baptised in two or three weeks. Is General Conference really happening in a week? If so, that's going to be great.

Well, I love you all. Is Amy still alive? I haven't heard from her in ages! Alright, well bye! ~Elder Cappuccio P.S. A mongolian Elder in my district wants to know if you guys could send me another camera from America so that he could buy my camera off of me. He had one before and then he lost it. Is that a possiblilty? It's your call because you'd have to buy it and mail it and all that stuff and that might be a hassle. Plus, if he leaves soon it might not work out. Let me know next week! Also, this one guy wants me to buy a Mongolian themed nativity scene that he carved himself. It's actually really neat and he's selling it for like $75 so I might get it. The problem is that I'm not anywhere close to leaving and so I've got to hold on to it for all the rest of my mission if I get it.

-----Original Message----- From: marathomom@aol.com To: james.cappuccio@myldsmail.net Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 22:23:22 -0400 Subject: Re: Helloooo again Hello

Dear James, I am writing you really quick so I don't miss you again this Sunday. We just got done rolling out cinnamon rolls and they are cooking. I wish I could send you some, but after weeks in the mail they would not taste so good. But maybe you could make some of your own one day, they are pretty easy. Do you need a recipe?

We went to Pine this weekend and stayed at Jack's family cabin and did some antique shopping and raked pine needles. The go-cart didn't work after the first run so we didn't get to ride it this time around. This week is the trek for Joseph, so pray that he will have a good experience there. I am still real busy at work, working about 50 hours a week. That's why it was nice to take a day off finally and go up to Pine on Friday. Bro Gro spoke in church today and he related how when he was pulling weeds out of his yard this weekend he related it to apostasy. If you let the seeds germinate they take off and grow on their own with no watering or fertilizing, but regular plants that you buy and plant needed to be tended or they die. So it is like apostasy, things that might lead you away from the church are easy to grow without much effort they creep in, but keeping a strong testimony requires diligence in nourishing it and strengthening it constantly for it to survive and flourish.

I hope you are doing well. We love you and hope you are healthy and happy in Mongolia. Keep the fire burning!
love always,

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