I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's have a Khorkhog When I get Home-Aug 10th

Haha, Mom, I'm sorry, I still can't see you driving a BMW!  It's just, I've seen 
you in Suburbans and Trucks and Mini-vans and compact cars my whole life.  Now, 
a convertible?  I guess I'll have to wait till May to see it in the flesh!  And 
I hop you let me drive it!

Are the foreclosures prtty bad?  I might be abl to find a prtty cool house in 
Arizona if that's the case...:)  THe other day I was telling my companion how we 
used to have Pizza and Cinammon Roll nights on Friday and how good it was!  I 
miss those!  However, we have found this returned sister missionry in Mongolia 
tht makes pretty good cinammon rolls and so we gt some from hr every now nd 
then.  Today we went on a little picnic with our Zone.  We went out to th big 
Chinggis Khan statue outside of the city and had a khorkhog.  What that is, 
well, it's kind of hard to explain.  First, you take a sheep, lamb, goat, or 
whatever animal you plan on killing.  Then you take a fire, get it going really 
hot and throw stones in it.  Whil the stones are getting hot, you cut up the 
animal and th vegetables.  Then, you put hot stons, water, meat vegetables, and 
salt or whatvr other seasoning you want into a big metal water container, seal 
the top, and put it in the fire.  You let it sit for at leat 30 minutes, pull it 
out of the fire, let it cool off a little bit, and EAT!  IT's reaaaaalllly good.  
The meat is very tasty and so are the vegatables.  The water also becomes a 
prtty good broth.  The funny thing is that you can take the rocks and toss them 
in your hands to calm stress.  And it works!  I'll have to do one for you when I 
get back home.  Ok?

The work is going good.  We've got some baptizms coming up real soon with some 
great guys which is always good.  We need more priesthood holders here in our 
branch.  Well anyways, keep chosing what's right!  I love you all!

~Elder Cappuccio

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Dear James,

Hope the week's been good for you.  We had a nice week. Cali made the 8th grade 
volleyball team, she should write you about it, right Cali? She sitting next to 
me. Joseph got ordained a priest today, so now he gets to sit up in the front 
and bless the sacrament.  I wish you were here to congratulate him, but you can 
write him an email and I will forward it, or just write him the old fashioned 
way.  Three more years and he will be leaving for a mission too and maybe Amy 
too. Thanks for being such a good example for them and everyone in Mongolia.

I took the Z4 up some mountain roads to test my new German driving machine.  it 
was cool turning those tight corners going faster than normal but not crazy 
fast. I might let you test drive it for a few seconds.....

Crystal and David are buying a house in Mesa.  It's a foreclosure(lots of those) 
for only $59,000. She is taking a few classes and working at the museum until 
she takes the GRE to get in to graduate school.  I think she wants to get a 
Master's degree instead of being a doctor now. 

Amy drove the Taurus all the way to Provo by herself with no car or driving 
problems.  We had to get some stuff fixed on it first. She went early so she can 
make money before school starts.

I'm making some whole wheat bread today.  I haven't made it for awhile so I hope 
it turns out okay.  I decided I (and everyone else in the hou
se) need to start eating healthier and work out more so you can recognize me 
when you get back.....

We are still baking and waiting for it to get under 100 but we have 2 months to 

Keep the fire burning!

We love you!


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