I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yearning to be Mongolian and Boils will be Boils-Jun 29,2009

Well, I don’t have much time today to write so I’m just going to write this one 
very quick.  I’ll hope you forgive me.  This last week was in all actuality very 
good!  We had a good Zone Conference with led to us doing really good work!  
Also, we had our stud of an investigator, Lutsaikhan, go into a baptismal 
interview!  He should be getting baptized this week.  He’s so good and every 
time we meet with him, he asks about his baptism.  He impresses me with his 
reception of the spiritual witnesses and it makes us feel good to know that even 
if our words are not understandable, our spirit is.
Off of that, this week while my companion was with the District Leader, I went 
with companion, Elder Odbayar, on an exchange.  He taught me a lot in that he 
showed me the importance of Mongolian missionaries here.  They are 
irreplaceable.  They know the people.  More importantly, they know their hearts 
and their minds.  From that, they can speak directly too them.  No language 
issues, no race issues, just one on one, serving your neighbor, missionary work.  
It made me quite jealous.  I want to be Mongolian.  I feel as I were Mongolian I 
could help these people so much more.  But it did inspire me to learn this 
language to perfection.  There’s definitely a distinct advantage of gaining 
their trust in your ability to speak the language.  I love Mongolian 
In following one of his spiritual promptings, we found ourselves in the house of 
a family of 9!  It was way neat.  They weren’t completely sold on the first 
time, but I think as we work with them more they, turn around to it.  They are a 
good family.  We also have this other guy named Byamba.  We ran into him last 
Sunday before church.  As we were talking to him, my companion puked.  Remember?  
Anyways, he came to church again and was just as excited as ever.  He feels that 
pretty much all churches are good but he has a testimony that we didn’t run into 
him on accident and from that he feels that our church is the right one, the 
best of them all.  From that we were able to set a baptismal date with him and 
as we keep meeting with him, he’ll be baptized in like 3 weeks!
As an interesting side note, I’ve got a boil/staff infection on my thigh.  We 
tried to pop it last night but it didn’t budge.  Then we tried to slice it open, 
but we got the knife too hot and cauterized my leg.  Anyways, everything’s good.  
The worst thing that would happen is that we have to amputate and I get a wooden 
leg.  JUST KIDDING.  Everything is just fine.  Maybe I’ll send you a picture of 
the end result   We have to use warm compresses to suck the puss out.  Wish me 
Well, I love ya’ll.  The transfers are happening this week so my beloved son, 
Elder Cardinal, will be going away from me.  He’s a great missionary and I’ll 
miss him a lot but he’s already learned everything he can from me and now he 
needs a better missionary.  Well, I hope you guys are finding just as much 
happiness in your work as I am in mine.  Ha, that was a joke because it’s not 
possible.  My work is the best.  But you can all get involved in it too!  You 
don’t need to wear a nametag like me, just keep being good examples and start to 
talk with people.  They need this Gospel.  Thanks for writing me and not 
forgetting me.  
~Elder Cappuccio

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