I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"President: I Actually Had Fun on my Mission...."-Aug 3rd

Wow...my little brother is all grown up!  His voice is deeper, he's taller, he 
can drive...goodness!  Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you congrats about the 
Beamer.  I was a little shocked to be honest with you but I definitely want a 
test drive when I get home ok?  Lately I've been talking with my companion and 
we've come to a great realization about the importance of education!  It is so 
important!  In the Gospel as well as out of the Gospel.  Be educated.  Study the 
scriptures in and out, over and over because the person that studies them wont 
forget them and then will be safe in keeping the commandments of the Lord.  In 
Mosiah chapter 1 it talks about that exact principle...without having the 
scriptures open before us every day we are led to dwindle in unbelief.  It 
doesn't happen right away but little by little as we let the small unimportant 
things get in the way of the small important things, we forget the commandments, 
the principles and the spirit of the Gospel and fall into unbelief.

Work is good. Work is fun. The other day I was kind of playing with Elder 
Steinberg and he started laughing. I told him: "Uh oh, you're going to have to 
let President Andersen know about that. 'President: I accidentally had fun on my 
mission, I'm sorry!'" He got a kick out of that. But in all honesty, my lame 
jokes aside, he is doing TONS better. This last saturday and sunday is throat 
was hurting and he was kind of sick. I told him to still yell and he did. It 
really is helping. Thank you President! And his character is starting to shine 
through more! I don't have to prompt him for conversation all the time now. He 
has his own comments, his own remarks, his own ideas. Yesterday, we were 
planning and I asked him what we would teach our one investigator, Lutsaikhan. 
He said he didn't know. I told him to find out. He didn't like that. But, he 
stuck with it. He thought and thought and thought. he felt like he didn't have 
any ideas and wanted me to help. He kept with it. LAter in the day when I asked 
him what we would teach, he told me about a way good story in the Old Testament 
that applied PERFECTLY to this investigators situation. It was wonderful! 
Undortunately, we didn't get to present it, but it definately was only something 
he could have come up with and was inspired of God. We'll use it in the next 
lesson we teach him! He is becoming such a good missionary!

OK, now our investigators are doing good as well. We've got Byamba, he's going 
to get baptized in two weeks. This last Sunday he invited his older brother to 
church and he is almost the exact same! They just ask amazing questions. I hope 
that the results will be the same with him as well. They could definitely be two 
missionaries in a year or so...

Then there's Enkhbat. He's quiting smoking and he's succeeding! He just got such 
a strong desire to become a member.

We've also got this father named Munkhbat. We gave him the Book of Mormon and 
he's all the way in Alma! We ended up teach him and his neighbors the Word of 
Wisdom while teaching the 2nd lesson last week and he's started to quit smoking. 
Also, as we met with him the other day he's mentioned how reading the Book of 
Mormon has helped him to be calmer and fix bad situations in his family. We 
still have to work with his wife to get her on board but I am just so impressed 
with him! Oh, and his little son Orgil is the cutest little guy ever.

In general, things are just going good. The Lord is blessing us so much with 
people to teach and opportunities to serve. I definitely need to get better at 
writing daily in my journal to catalogue all the ways in which the Lord answers 
our prayers. It truly is amazing!

Well I love you all and am grateful for your support and your love and your 
prayers.  Don't forget to be happy and help others to be happy.  Choose the 

~Elder Cappuccio

P.S.  Thank you SOOO much for sending the package I LOVE youu!  But I loved you 
before you sent any package, remember that!

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 Dear James,

I hope you had great week and that this gets to you before you send one to me, 
but I'm kind of late because we just got back from eating dinner for Joseph's 
birthday. Can you believe your baby brother is 16 now! He needs much more 
driving practice before I let him get his license too. But he is getting 
better. I let him drive us to the restaurant in the truck. 

Amy leaves this week for BYU. She's going to take the Taurus up there if we get 
it fixed in time. The radiator fluid is leaking from somewhere and it keeps over 
heating. I guess i bought my new car just in time. Or maybe buying the new car 
made my Taurus so sad it stopped working.....

I mailed your package on Saturday, so you should get it in about 3 weeks. Lots 
of sweets in there, along with the stuff you wanted, white journal, pens and 
sticky notes. 

Thanks for the inspiring words, I'm going to forward your letter to your email 
list. I have a lot of people ask how you are doing, so it's always good to hear 
it form you. I got your letter back from the primary today and read it again. 
It was very cool, so if you want to write on e to them again, I know they would 
appreciate it.

Take area and keep the fire burning!

WE love you,

mom and familiy

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