I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Email from a friend about Nephew doing an Exchange with James-Oct 19th

Hi Athena,
I told my nephew when he first started his mission that a member of our ward was 
serving in Mongolia, but I guess he forgot.  In his letter today, he told me 
that he met your son.  I'll copy a few of the things he said in his letter about 
your son.
On Saturday I went on an exchange with an elder named Elder Cappucio.  We were 
asking each other where we were from and he said he was from Chandler Arizona.  
I said, hey I have an aunt who lives there.  I said the last name was Hellewell 
and he said, Beverly?!  
Anyway, I found out that he is from Beverly's ward :)  

Anyway the next 5 investigators will be from the exchange we did 

We were going outside to a house to try and contact a referral with a bad phone 
number. When we went there they didn't answer the door, but they yelled through 
the door asking who were and said that the person wasn't home.  Anyway, as we 
left we were kind of pointing around which area to go next to try and do ITLs 
and maybe get a lesson from an immediate ITL.  As we did this a man came up to 
us from a distance and asked in English 
if he could help us.  My companion ended up asking him what he wanted in life.  
He said he wanted to go to church.  My companion then told him the way he could 
help us was to meet with us and come to church.  He ended up asking us to follow 
him ( he was a little bit drunk )  We didn't have anything else better to do, so 
we followed him.  He then told us a little bit about his life and how he lived 
illegally in America for 7 years. That is how he learned English.  He then asked 
us to go to his house with him.  We were 
kind of hesitant, but we went anyway.  He had met with our missionaries about a 
year earlier and had a 1st lesson pamphlet in is room.  His wife was there.  She 
didn't speak any English, but this man insisted he wanted to speak only in 
English with us.  He told us how he is an alcoholic and when he is drunk he 
loses stuff or does stupid things, so they lost like everything they owned and 
really they had nothing in their house except a pad in the corner to sleep on.  
He then showed us a cup he used as an ash tray.  He threw it out his window from 
like the 4th story and told us he would never smoke again.  
He then had a thing of alcohol.  He said he would drink it right there and never 
drink again.  My companion asked if we could share a message first, but he 
insisted he drink his last bottle of alcohol first.  We finally started to get 
to talk about spiritual things and we asked if we could start with a prayer.  He 
wanted to pray immediately, but we thought it may be better if we prayed and let 
him say the closing prayer.  We started singing Love at Home in Mongolian.  Half 
way through the 2nd verse he stopped us and told us he wanted to sing in 
English.  Anyway, we finished the two of us singing in Mongolian while they 
listened.  After we prayed he went back to the window and yelled out to 2 of his 
friends.  He said, hey!  American missionaries are at my home right now, hurry 
and come in to hear their message.  This man and woman then come into the house 
and we taught them about the holy ghost and praying to know about truth.  We 
then talked a little about the book of Mormon.  The spirit was powerful there.  
The drunk man ended up giving a 
really nice heartfelt closing prayer.  The other couple couldn't come to church, 
but the drunk man and his wife went with us to Stake Conference yesterday.  It 
was awesome.

We went to check on an old investigator that I had the first time I was here.  
She was really open to the church and had come to the last stake conference when 
they made the first stake ever in Mongolia.  Apparently she had gotten married 
while I was gone, so it would be okay to teach her again.  We saw smoke coming 
out of their ger, so we knew someone was home.  We went there and just her son 
was there.  He told us to come in and offered us some really good food he had 
just made.  We just kind of asked when his mom would get home, but it turned 
slowly into asking him if he was interested in church 
things.  He said no, so I was sort of going to just leave it with that.  Elder 
Cappucio turned it around somehow with asking if he believed in God and he did.  
He turned it around into just asking him about who he thought God was and what 
kind of person he was.  He ended up sitting close to us as we taught him a 
powerful first lesson.  He told us he would come to stake conference the next 
day by himself and meet us there.  He accepted a 
baptismal date also.  He didn't come to stake conference, but right after it 
started he called me 4 times and I couldn't answer the phone because the meeting 
had started.  He called this morning again and told us he wants to meet with us.  
He is really good and somehow my companion turned him from not being interested 
into a really interested investigator.  

On Saturday I realized how important it is to be more bold when I teach.  I 
always like to share a heartfelt testimony throughout all of my lessons, and 
when I do ITLs.  Elder Cappucio taught me about being more bold.  Like when the 
person asked him how he could help him, he replied with a question.  He asked 
him what he wanted in life, and then after he answered he told them how we could 
help them achieve that.  Then in another lesson after we were done he asked them 
how they felt during our lesson.  When they said good, he immediately just said 
it was the Holy Ghost.  Things like that are important to be blunt and just tell 
your investigators what they are feeling and how we really can help them.  We 
ended the day with only 2 lessons, but they were two spiritually uplifting 
lessons that boosted me up.

Hope things are going great for you.

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