I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beware of Hot Grandma's! First Stake in Mongolia Established!

Well, things are going good.  we played some more soccer today and went out to a 
place called Turtle Rock.  I hope the following statement doesn't make you too 
mad, but I misplaced my camera.  In other words, it's lost.  Or Stolen.  
anyways, it's not with me and so it's with someone else.  You don't have to send 
me a new one, in fact it's probably better you don't.  I'm really bad at taking 
pictures and even worse at sending them so you can just ask me what the country 
was like and I'll try really hard to describe every detail!  Haha.

Anyways, we're baptizing Luvsmaa on Friday.  That's my old companion's older 
sister. So he'll be doing the actually baptizing but i'll try and see if I can 
send a picture.  After that there are two sweet investigators that are showing a 
lot of promise.  On top of that, we just started going to a new area that has 
over 10,000 people in it.  How are we going to teach all of them?  I don't know, 
but we'll try.

Oh, and I got a pretty funny story, hope you like it!

We were teaching a lesson to two of our really good investigators, Lutsaikhan 
and Narantsetseg.  Well, their grandma is really old.  And she just talks 
nonsense (literally, speaks incoherently) the whole day long.  She laugh about 
absolutely nothing!  Anyways, one time, we were teaching and I guess it started 
to get hot.  So, she started to unbutton her shirt.  Next think you know, she 
takes the whole thing off!  So we're teaching about faith in Jesus Christ and 
we've got this naked grandma in the corner talkin jibber-jabber.  Anyways, I 
didn't actually look but my companion, Elder Cardinal did and he said that he 
"experienced Outer Darkness".  That sounds pretty bad.  Anyways, the mom got up 
and helped the old grandma put her shirt back on and that was that. (If this is 
a little graphic, you can not share it)

In closing, just know I love you all and I love this mission.  It's awesome.  
It's the most rewarding work on the planet.  I hope everything is going good for 
you all and that as you pray for opportunities to serve God's children He will 
bless you with the chance to bring them into the light of the Gospel.  Oh yea, 
the first stake in Mongolia was set up this last Sunday!  sweet eh??

~Elder Cappuccio

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