I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Testifying with the Spirit-July 26,2009

There was this one 5star guy we met awhile back and were meeting with him 
although he lived outside our boundaries. Well, very fortunate for us, it turns 
out he moved into our area to be closer to his work and so we're still meeting 
with him and he's set to get baptized in two weeks. He's a way awesome guy, like 
21 almost 22. He's very studious, and pretty spiritual. The other day we were 
teaching the Law of Chastity and he told us how despite the temptation from his 
girlfriend and his friends he had never gotten involved in it. Impressive huh! 
He really has a great moral integrity and it just seems like this world hasn't 
gotten to him. I love it! His name is Byamba.

Alright, then there's Lutsaikhan, I'm kind of worried about his faith, he's been 
tested very fiercely. He's been waiting a month now to get baptized and still 
has a month to go, but it's hard because he kind find work (he's about 48) and 
he has the opportunity to go to Korea and work there. We've met with him and 
taught about how the Gospel provides the way for us to be sustained in our own 
land and that seems to have comforted him a bit, but these last three weeks he's 
been absent from church for various reasons (Naadam ((he went to the 
countryside)), A relative was really sick, and he got some work in the 
countryside). We need to teach him a little better about the Sabbath Day and I 
think he'll be fine. Another hard thing is that his family isn't as receptive to 
the Gospel. We've tried to involve them and it hasn't happened yet. I can tell 
it's hard on him. But, he reads the Book of Mormon and the Investigator class 
book every morning and prays twice a day!

Zaya, that one girl that we started meeting with awhile back is doing good. We 
had that one intense meeting last week were we told the dad why he couldn't go 
to the countryside. Then we found out that he did, which really got us feeling 
down. However, I guess we heard wrong because he really didn't go! He stayed 
here in the city working at his other job. Now my companion and I are way 
stoked. We've got to work a way for him to have Sundays off and then we'll be 
able to prepare them for Baptism! A family!

This last week we've been meeting with these two families together. It's been 
really neat. The daugther is a little angel and has great faith. One time as we 
were closing off a lesson, the dad of the other family asked, "how can I get one 
of these books[book of mormon]?" We had given the one family one and kind of 
forgotten to get another. "We'll give you one!" We said. "Ok good. Because after 
you guys left that first time, I felt really good inside. I want to read that 
book". Amazing huh! He wanted us to sign the book so we're going to get one and 
write our testimonies in it and sign it then give it to him. In the meantime we 
gave him another one and when we dropped by his work the other day he had it 
open and he's like, "I've only been able to read here and there. I'm in 1 Nephi 
13". This guy his awesome. His name is Batmunkh. His little son is named Orgil 
or "Peak" and he's hilarious.

Another miracle is this guy named Enkhbat.  We can't take any credit for this 
one at all.  He was meeting with missionaries before and then went on work to 
work at a mine in the countryside.  Now's he's back and in our area.  He really 
wants to become a member, but he smokes.  He's determined though so we've set 
goals and we're working with him to overcome his addiction.  The other day at 
church as we were heading to Priesthood he starts to head for the door and we're 
like, "wait! what are you doing!" and he's like, "I'm just going to get a 
drink".  Well, 5 minutes later he comes back with an ice cream cone and sits 
down in Priesthood with us.  At first I was kind of confused, but later I 
understood.  That day he had only smoked once in the morning and in order to 
calm his craving he had to get something else so he got an ice cream cone and 
heading back in.  We haven't taught the Sabbath Day yet either so it's not a big 
deal.  It's actually just way neat to see how he's trying to keep his goal and 
quit smoking.  It was way helpful for him to come to the baptism this week with 
us because this 50 year old man got baptized and shared with the congregation 
that he had smoked for about 30 years and tried to quite numerous times but 
never could do it.  Then he met with the missionaries, and through the goal of 
getting baptised and joining God's true church was he finally able to 
successfully quit smoking.

Elder Steinberg and I are having some experiments with food as well.  We made 
tacos with spanish rice the other day and are surviving well on french toast and 
hashbrowns every morning.

Umm...other interesting things...I think one thing I really started enjoying a 
little more this week is testifying with the Spirit.  In each lesson or in each 
contact on the street, there's usually a time when you can look them right in 
the eyes, smile, and testify powerfully of a principle that they need in their 
life.  It's not always the same, but the Spirit comes in and it feels great.  
That's why it's great to be a missionary!  Your job is to be a transport for the 
Spirit and help people find what they're really looking for in life.  So yea, 
we're working hard, things are going good, and the Lord is blessing us 

Thank you sending a package!  I love you all!
~Elder Cappuccio

P.S. a little funny thing about Mongolia is that sometimes people will just 
randomly buy fireworks and let them off.  Last night there was like a miniature 
firework show 200 yards from our apartment with some pretty large fireworks.  It 
was neat.
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To: james.cappuccio@myldsmail.net
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 20:22:48 -0400
Subject: goodies on there way, here and there!

Dear James,

We did some school shopping yesterday, so I bought some of the stuff you need, 
but  I still need to get the journal and some pop-tarts and gushers.. Joe said 
you liked Cheez-its so we bought a box of those for you.  I hope to end it out 
by Wednesday and it takes about 3 weeks, so hopefully you have something to keep 
your journal in until this gets there and then you can transfer it over.  We 
bought stuff to send to Jack's daughter's husband who is Iraq right now.  He 
likes getting care packages too. Jack's sister who lives in Minnesota, has 2 
children on missions right now and she forwards their letters to me.  I don't 
know them, but it's always cool to read about missionary experiences.

We've been cleaning out the garage to make room for Jack's woodworking equipment 
and tools and my new car!  Well, it's not exactly new, it's as old as my 2003 
Taurus, but it only has 33,000 miles on it(Taurus has 110,000) and it's a BMW! 
 I am buying a Z4 convertible, dark blue and it's costing me about the same as 
the Taurus per month.  I paid that off a few months ago and only have a couple 
payments left on the truck, so it's very affordable and very cool.  I'm going to 
let Amy take the Taurus up to BYU, but when you get back you will have to share 
it.  I was thinking you could both stay at my parents house to save money and 
carpool together to school. We'll have the summer you get back to figure things 
0but I am just letting her use it, not giving her the car.  You all have to buy 
your own cars just like I did. Unless Cali gets really rich and famous from her 
singing career and then she might buy you all a new car.....=)  Which reminds 
me, I need to sign her up for some voice lessons. 

Peaking of singing, I volunteered to have the choir practice at our house in the 
morning so that will be cool.  Our living room has Jack's band equipment in it, 
so it looks like a music room.  I need to practice my violin more, which any 
practice would be more right now and also practice electric bass and keyboard. 
 We have a really nice keyboard, which is Killian's from Christmas, but he 
shares.  I always thought it would be cool to have all my kids sing and play in 
a band, so next summer we can play around with that idea too. 

Well, I hope you have a prosperous week and I appreciate all your great letters 
home.  The gruesome blood and pus parts aren't that exciting to me, but I'm sure 
some people stayed tuned for your letters especially for the juicy parts like 
that.  As long as it doesn't deter them from wanting to serve a mission....Thank 
goodness you don't have your camera!  Any advice on how to avoid getting boils 
to start with? 

Take care and know we are praying for you.

Keep the fire burning!

love always,


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