I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lesson Continues as New Companion Loses Lunch with Bravo! -Jun 21,2009


How is everyone?  This last week was pretty good.  Luvsmaa, my old companion's 
sister got baptized this last Friday. We arranged for her brother Elder 
Byamadorj to come in and baptize her.  It was such a wonderful experience and I 
think I'll always remember the expression of joy on their faces, especially on 
my old companion's face.  One of the biggest desires of his heart is to have his 
whole family become members.  Right now his mom works outrageous hours so we 
can't really meet with her but his dad will be coming back from Korea in 3 
months and if I'm here at that time, we'll definitely be meeting with him!  I 
was going to put a picture on here but I lost my camera and I guess my 
companion's camera is out of batteries.  I'll have to show you it next week i 

Anyways, outside of Luvsmaa, we've got that one guy named Lutsaikhan.  He's 
awesome.  We gave him the commitment to read out of 3 Nephi every day and even 
if he's gone the whole day looking for work (he's trying to find work right now)  
his wife tells me that he was reading before he left or that he read when he got 
home.  Just yesterday we were able to meet with him and teach him about Tithing 
in order to help his financial problems.  I'm so excited for him because he's 
such a strong guy and if we can get him to keep centering that strength on his 
faith, he'll be such a great member in our branch.  It kind of funny though cuz 
he's got a hat that looks like a hat Grandpa Kepas would wear!  When we came to 
the baptism to watch it with him, he had it on.

We've also got this one girl named Zaya (that means destiny in Mongolian in case 
you wanted to know).  In all reality, she's ready to be baptized, but we're 
working with her parents to try and get them to be as faithful as she is.  Her 
parents work really weird hours so we only get to meet with them during one week 
and then we have to wait another week.

Oh and yea, my companion has his first encounter with throwing up!  It comes to 
every American missionary that comes to Mongolia and my companion handled it 
with bravo!  As we left our house to go to church, he remarked about it hurting 
but insisted we go.  So we went.  As we were outside we started to talk with 
people on the street.  As we starting talking with this guy named Byamba, my 
companion silently made his way away from us, about faced, and spit out about a 
gallon of assorted ingredients (mainly the food I had so tenderly made for him 
hours earlier!).  Undaunted, I continued to talk with this guy, because he was 
way interested!  We finally settled on going to church together but we had to 
wait for Elder Cardinal to finish unloading his contents.  That was only round 
one...he continued to find his head in toilets and trash cans around the church 
until he finally could rest while me and some other Elder practiced a musical 
number for Zone Conference with the Mission President's wife.  On awaking from 
his slumber, he remarked that sleeping in their guest bed for 30 minutes, "felt 
like sleeping in the Celestial Room".  Which he intends to try after his 
mission.  Anyways, he was a true trooper.

And while all that was happening, we had brought a new guy to church that was 
way interested!  He asked a bunch of questions in the investigators class and I 
think he kind of agrivated the sister missionary teaching it.  Anyways, he's got 
a Book of Mormon now and as he reads it he's going to feel the power of it. Im 
excited for him!

Well, that's it!  I love you all!

~Elder Cappuccio 

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Dear James,

Phew, I am back to stay for awhile.  Just got back from DC with Cali.  It was 
neat to see all the sights and go to the Smithsonian.  I've always wanted to do 
that.  Good thing I checked my email Wednesday at the place we were staying and 
forwarded your email on Wednesday to Haylee on her Birthday....almost like you 
had planned it that way.  It's Father's day today, so cali and Amy are out with 
their dad, but Jack has all his kids and his dad over for dinner(I invited him, 
since his wife was out of town).  So we'll have 7 for dinner without any of my 
kids!  When we all get together it will be like a family reunion. 

I'm going to attach two pictures from the wedding.  I afraid if I sent more it 
would be too big of a file.  I can send more later.  I bought Joe a suit so he 
looks like a missionary now, or a Secret Service agent....especially with his 
mirror shades he was wearing.

I didn't read your letter from last week because I think you sent it from work 
and I was gone all week.  So I'll catch-up tomorrow along with my other 200 
emails.  I hope you are doing well and that the treats we sent you have helped 
put some meat back on your bones.  Jack and I both experienced the traveler's 
diarrhea from Belize, but Jack got it worse.  He had to go to the ER a week 
after we got back for to IV bags because he was dehydrated from throwing up. 
 Other than that and t
he sunburn we had a great time.

Though it's not cold anymore- keep the gospel fire burning!

Love you always


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