I remember people saying if you were bad they would send you to Outer Mongolia. In this case it's different, because James is good he's going on a mission to Mongolia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Avoiding Clever Canines and the Importance of Church Attendance- April 26, 2009

Yea, so far dogs haven't been too much of a problem for me. In fact none of the things here in Mongolia have been too bad yet. I will account that to the fact that all of you pray so earnestly for me every night and your faith carries me through. Thank you! On my end, I will try not to pet as many dogs so as to reduce the risk of me getting bit by any particularly clever canines.  

So, the work. Believe it or not, we found a lot of investigators this week. It seemed like everyday, we went out and wound up in the home of some new excited person that was willing to hear about our church. It was pretty neat. However, come Sunday, we sadly reported that none of them had made their way to Sacrament Meeting! I have to admit I was very disappointed at that and I thought about it for awhile. I came to the conclusion that if we don't properly explain something, no matter how amazing, how spectacular or how important, the other person will not understand and will most likely not participate. In our meetings we had really talked to them about the significance of our message, but we failed to tie it into the need for us to come to church on Sunday. They missed the correlation and so there wasn't any pressure to come. Maybe that could be of some use to you guys! Maybe you're having a hard time getting your point across about something. Speak of the reasons it is important. Talk of the results it brings, if it's a gospel principle, fortify this claim with scripture or testimony. 

Hopefully this next week as we change our style of teaching to emphasize church attendance more, I'll have some more cool success stories for you! The idea of attending church in Mongolia is defintely a foreign concept. Until the introduction of Christian religion, worship was usually done inside the person's home will special occassions requiring the attending of a temple or shrine. Now we are here and we must teach with clarity the difference and importance of Weekly Sabbath day worship. What this all comes down to is understanding the circumstances of the people you're talking with. Don't just tell them something, but understand who they are, they're background and what the feel, then tie your teachings into that. 

In other news, my companion is the man. He's way awesome. Only two weeks in and he's walking and talking like he's been here for months! Send my congratulations to Ryan Taylor on his mission call! And tell Taylor hello for me as well! Oh, the other day I ran into an old church member named Baatar who was baptized around 1999. I asked him if he knew an Elder Lantz and he said that Elder Lantz had actually taught him the lessons! The man said, when he was pretty new to the country, this was one of the first people he baptized. He's from the city so that might help. Maybe Brother Lantz will remember him. 

Alright, well I did get the package and I've been floating on cloud nine ever since. There was so much goodness in it! I will definitely have to ration it all out and take my time enjoying it. Life is good here in Mongolia because we're keeping ourselves busy teaching the wonderful Mongolians. I love my mission and my calling! I hope you find just as much enjoyment in the fulfillment of your own local callings and responsibilities. I love you all so much and hope this e-mail finds you well. ~Elder Cappuccio 
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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 21:04:16 -0400
Subject: Re: A New Transfer

Dear James,

I just read the newsletter and email form the Mission President. They gave a new 

address for packages, so I hope you get the one I sent a few weeks ago. Then 
again after reading the newsletter, maybe you shouldn't get it because it has 
lots of sugary treats which are "unhealthy"- poptarts, fruit snacks, candy bars, 

but after your last email when you said you are skinny because you have been 
sick a few times you probably can afford to eat a little junk food to put a 
pound or two back on.  Also, watch out for the dogs, 6 missionaries bitten in 
the past few months, I hope you were not one of them or will be one of 
them....that's scary. But I
 know you are being watched over so I won't 
worry.....too much.

Not too much exciting this week, just working and working. I planted a garden 
again last weekend and it's looking pretty good. Got some tomatoes for you.  You 

will probably come home from your mission and love tomatoes because you finally 
realize how good they are. 

When I talk to you on the phone it will be one year since you left and one year 
until you get back.  Time flies by.  Someone from our ward, but I don't really 
know him,  a Ryan Taylor, I think, got his mission call this week to the Salt 
Lake South spanish speaking mission.  He is your age because he said he is 
almost turning 20.  I don't think Taylor Eyestone is going back to Australia.  
He is still here trying to recover from his back injury and I think it's harder 

to leave a second time.  Also Erin Wheatly and MIke Powell got married last 
week.  I'm not engaged yet, but I might get married before you get back, so just 

wanted to let you know it might be happening.  Amy said you asked her if I was 
engaged, so I wanted to give you an update and I'll keep you posted.

I hope you are healthy and happy and following the spirit.

Keep the fire burning!

Love always,


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